Monday, March 7, 2011

If I'm going to link to it, perhaps I had better post to it. . .

I'm headed down to San Miguel on Wednesday - I can't wait. I don't usually get the treat of being in Mexico in March, and it is an absolutely lovely time of the year.
I arrive in the evening on Wednesday, and Thursday will be busy with renovations - to my body and spirit. Haircut, hair color and a massage. After which I will be ready to face the world! I am meeting friends for cocktails on a rooftop bar - La Azotea. We go there so often we call it The Club. It's a fabulous place to watch the sunset, just of the Jardin.
I will be there only a few days (better than no days!) and I'll see how much I can squeeze in. I want to catch up with friends, follow up with an electrician and hopefully get to a hot spring.
Last summer we repainted Casa Colina. I say "we" because each of us had a job. Norma found the painter and supervised the job. Jose painted his heart out. And I chose the colors and paid. I think that everybody was okay with this division of labor.

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