Saturday, July 11, 2009

A bi-cultural evening

We spent a lovely evening with my friend Sue and her family. Sue is a writer and spa owner I met here in San Miguel. (You can check out HER blog). She is married to Carlos Ortega, and they have two great girls, Carla and Sean. Anyway, they came over, and later Carlos' brother Hector, his wife and two adorable boys came over also.

The total of 7 kids had a blast sliding down the water slide into the swimming pool, while we adults hung out on the outdoor sala having a couple of cocktails. We grilled arrechera (yum!) and marinated chicken from the grocery store, plus threw together some nachos. Sue brought over some fabulous salty olives (something else to bring back to the US when we leave in August) and vegetable munchies. Later, we adults went up to the azotea, or rooftop terrace. The kids drifted up, and we all played a dice-rolling game. The evening was a mixture of English and Spanish speaking.

This evening highlights many of the things I love about San Miguel. We met every one of these people here in San Miguel. Sue and Carlos and their girls are bilingual, and the rest of us can converse in both languages. In my case not very elegantly, but I am still trying! The indigenous inhabitants are gracious and friendly in accepting those of us from north of the Rio Grande (or Rio Bravo, if you are here). My children are growing up in two different cultures, and becoming at ease in both of them.

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  1. Great blog! Next time I´ll bring a camera and we can record the fun!