Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jamaica, Farewell

Last night we attended the one-woman play, Jamaica, Farewell at the Santa Ana Theater. The tiny theater is part of the Biblioteca Publica in San Miguel. It is a very intimate experience, as there are maybe 6 or 7 rows of seats in all.

It's a typical San Miguel experience - this sort of amazing thing happens all the time. Debra Ehrhardt is an award-winning actor and writer, and I was close enough to hit her with a spitwad. Not that I did, of course. Afterwards, I went to a private party and talked to her about her experiences getting out of Jamaica during its period of political unrest.

I took my kids (19, 15 and 10) to the play. One never knows how this will work out, but all of them enjoyed the play, too. The whole evening was fabulous.

While I was at the party, my two boys (19 and 15) went out to get a bite to eat. They ran into some other kids with whom they had done some volunteer work, and off they went for the rest of the night. Chris (15) came home with us around midnight, but Brad was out late. San Miguel is such a safe town that he can do that.

Only here!

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