Sunday, July 12, 2009

A peaceful Sunday

Today was a peaceful day. I hauled the kids out of bed and we went to church. I am no proselytizer, but I will say that the Anglican church here in San Miguel is lovely. The priest, Michael Long, has been extremely helpful in connecting the kids with needs in the community.

Afterwards, I took the boys home (where they went back to sleep) and Mary Alice and I went out for the post-church treat. Not that I am trying to influence their spiritual development, but what's wrong with a little positive reinforcement? We went to a spot officially called something like Cafe San Agustin (I looked it up) but everyone just calls "Churros y Chocolate." The excellent, although sinful, part of this little restaurant is that if one orders a cup of hot chocolate it is accompanied by three fresh churros. Think doughnuts without all of the pesky healthy part. We ran into a casual friend, Jane, and met her friend, Ruth. We all ended up having brunch together.

Next, the family reassembled at home. We spent some quiet time reading, and then got to work and re-hung a lot of photos. It can be challenging to hang pictures on masonary walls, but my friends Ed and Sarah Clancy clued us in to a great system - drill a 1/4 inch hole, plug it with a dowel and put a picture hanger into the wood. Nothing like some virtuous work to make a lazy Sunday worthwhile.

Later, Mary Alice and I hung out on the outdoor sala while Brad and Chris wallowed in a movie fest. Although there are a lot of English-language stations available, my kids make do with the basic cable package. Sunday afternoon movies (in English, largely, but subtitled in Spanish) are a big treat.

Tomorrow it's back to the whirl of volunteering, tennis and Spanish study. What a lovely day!


  1. Some day we will come down and experience the wonders of San Miguel first hand...until then vicariously will have to do. Sounds wonderful!

  2. Why are you there? Not only do you have dogs I don't know, but you seem to have moved....Is it forever?