Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday - ahhhhhhhhh

Well, the idea of getting a post published before the guests arrived didn't work out very well yesterday. We had a Welcome! party for Holly, who arrived with her daughter Tricia in the afternoon.

This weekend, while we were hanging out on the outdoor sala, a funeral procession walked by the house. I think it was walking from the church at Valle de Maiz, just up the street from us, down to the cemetery on the Ancha de San Antonio. Because San Miguel is compact, the funeral processions take place on foot. Somehow it seems more respectful to me.

You can see in the photo that the coffin is being carried on the pallbearers' shoulders. The car is filled with flowers. People have umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun.

Umbrellas are paraguas (for water) here. I realized that parasol is a word from Spanish - for sun.

At any rate, things are back to normal around here. The kids are off at Casa de los Angeles, I am on the computer and my maid, Amalia, is upstairs cleaning up the mess!

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