Friday, July 17, 2009

The English-language newspaper is out!

Friday is a big day here - the Atencion, the English-language newspaper - comes out today. Mary Alice and I took a walk into Centro, to the Jardin. On the way, we stopped by the Virgins, Saints and Angels office. I asked them what they were closing out, and I may have bought one or two things.

When we got to the Jardin, we bought a newspaper and some ice cream cones. The Jardin is sometimes called San Miguel's living room. Many Sanmiguelenses and visitors alike stop here some time during the day to sit and watch the town go by.

I haven't read the newspaper yet, but there was a teaser on the front page about many art openings this week. That should be fun to check out!

We have been making plans for the weekend. We are going to have people over both Saturday and Sunday for a casual meal and a swim. While one friend is leaving (boo!) another is arriving Sunday. Of course, both need to be honored. Plus, the kids love the water slide!

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