Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shoes, shoes, shoes

Yesterday we finally made the trek to Leon to check out the shoe scene. Leon is the center of the shoe industry in Mexico. If you have shoes that are "hecho en Mexico" they were probably made in Leon.

We had a driver take us - what a luxury! The disappointing part of the trip was that the fabled Cole Haan outlet is no more. The excellent part of the trip is that we hit a lot of shoe stores and had someone to do all of the schlepping!

This first photo is from the Plaza de los Zapatos. It is an entire mall of shoe stores.

We found that the selection of quality shoes for men was larger than that for women. There was also a very broad selection of cowboy boots.

My fashionisto (19 year old boy, Brad) swooned over the selection of shoes in exotic leathers. He is now the proud owner of a pair of shoes made of stingray skin. The shoes with the white eye-shaped spot on them or the white stripe down the middle are made of stingray. It is an interesting glittery skin.

I was able to find two pairs of loafers acceptable to my non-fashionisto Chris (15). One brown, one black, both Brad-approved and acceptable to Chris. Score.

Mary Alice now has two new pairs of shoes and some very fashionable boots. All of these shoes were (relatively) reasonably priced. I say (relatively) because I think stingray shoes are never going to be cheap. But for all the others, we did not spend more than $50 US, and generally less.

My friend, Holly, found several pairs of shoes for her daughter, but neither one of us was really in the market for shoes - unless we had found Cole Haans for really cheap! But, alas.

We also found that we could buy a skin and have a wallet made in very little time. Maybe next trip. Or ostrich and/or lizard cowboy boots?


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  2. Shoe shopping is so fun! Especially when you are looking at nicely made leather goods. I must get to Leon on my next trip to San Miguel. I like your blog, please keep it up. It is great to hear what is up around there. Kathleen