Monday, July 13, 2009

Work at the Casa de los Angeles

Brad, Chris and Mary Alice are volunteering each day at the Casa de los Angeles, a day care center for economically deprived children of single mothers. The children range from newborns to four year olds, and are absolutely adorable. My kids tell me that they are also very, very lively. Brad has learned a few words in Spanish. Caballo! Basta! No! (The caballo part is when he is playing with them. The basta and no is when they stick their shod feet into the sink, under the running water, when he is brushing their teeth in the morning.)

Brad and Chris are volunteering a total of 25 hours a week, mas or menos. Mary Alice goes about 15 hours per week, but may work more this week. As the summer goes by they may do some construction or repairs, but right now they are playing with the children only.

The center is wonderful because it treats all of its clientele, for want of a better word, with respect. Most of the mothers sell items on the street or in the markets. Although these children are economically poor, they arrive each day scrubbed and brushed - and full of energy!

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